Death to Life

I wanted to share with you a power of prayer story. On August 3 this past year, my wife Robin suffered a brain aneurysm. While in the ER she fell into a coma and was flown by helicopter 62 miles away. Driving there, I received a phone call that said, “We are in a fatal situation and are doing everything we can to keep your wife alive on the OR table.” I still had about a 45-minute drive.

Something, or should I say someone—the Holy Spirit—rose up inside of me. This authority came over me and I said out loud, “In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of death to leave that OR now.”

Through prayer and the grace of God, my wife survived. The surgeon said they go by a severity chart of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most severe; he said, “Your wife was at the top of a 5.” The next day one of the team members came in and said, “That lady should not be lying there—it was that bad. It truly is a miracle.” 

Robin spent the next 42 days in hospitals—23 in ICU, on and off life support, in and out of comas. I did not sit at my wife’s bedside begging, pleading, making deals with God. I sat as a son, co-laboring, partnering with my Father, calling those things that be not as if there are. I watched with my own eyes my wife go from death to life. I saw miracle after miracle take place in her body. I watched God moments, the suddenness of God taking place in her throughout her journey.

November 7 she went back to work part time, even driving herself, and on December 1 she went back full time. I am so proud of my wife—she never bellyached, “Woe is me, why did God allow this to happen to me.” Her faith grew stronger and became more resolved. Not only is she my wife and companion, but she is my best friend, and I am honored to be her husband. So we know the power of prayer.

Thank you for reading this testimony—may it encourage you, lift you, and stir your faith to believe in the supernatural, miraculous intervention of God. 

~Gary and Robin Florence, Waynesboro, PA

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