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Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed...

The Redeemed is introducing new devotional series periodically throughout the year to help inspire and guide you on your spiritual journey.

New inspirations will be delivered to you daily over the course of the series, and the length of each devotional will vary. When one devotional is finished, you can come back for a brand-new topic.

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Devotional Series

A Journey to Easter

Embark on “A Journey to Easter,” an eight-day devotional starting Palm Sunday. Reflect on Jesus’ last days through Gospel readings and daily insights, culminating in the celebration of the Resurrection. Sign up to deepen your faith this Holy Week.

Devotional Series

Philippians: Because of Jesus

Discover how Paul’s encouragement to find joy in all circumstances can transform your walk with God and empower you to live a life marked by peace and purpose in this 18-day devotional journey through the book of Philippians.  This devotional is designed to deepen your understanding of Paul’s message to the believers in Philippi and its relevance to your life today.

Devotional Series

Job, A Life Restored

Journey with ‘Job, A Life Restored’ in our 6-day devotional series. Dive deep into the story of a man who faced unimaginable loss, felt abandoned, and was misunderstood by those closest to him. Job’s trials showcase God’s restoration power and unwavering love. Whether you’ve felt isolated, rejected, or devalued, find solace and strength in a God who truly understands and restores.
Devotional Series

Nine Leadership Principles from Nehemiah

Nehemiah is one of my favorite Old Testament books and provides a splendid picture of Nehemiah’s love for his country, and his people, as well as great leadership principles that we can apply to our lives today. Nehemiah takes terrifying risks and accomplishes a god-sized task with the help of his fellow citizens and the blessing of King Artaxerxes. Each day in this series we will focus on one word and one principle that we can apply to our leadership. This is not an exhaustive list but will allow you to see how much we can glean from the life and leadership of Nehemiah.
Devotional Series

Breaking Free

Let’s take a journey over the next several days to discover how we can break free. We will start with our view of God and end with our view of God. Through this journey, we will peel back the layers of our hearts and take a quick look at different areas that can sidetrack our freedom.

Finding Balance and Depth

“Having such a busy life with the military, marriage, and serving on some different teams at church, it can be easy to “not make time” for Scripture. The Redeemed’s devotional on Colossians really made it easy for me to balance my schedule and spend the needed time each day with the Lord. The study on Colossians provided an in-depth look at Scripture while having practical questions to apply the readings.”
– Jake, Colorado Springs, CO

Devotional Series

Building Me, A Journey of Self-Evaluation

At a time of year when we all feel pressured to make changes and improve ourselves, focus less on who other people want you to be and discover who God wants you to be. This devotional offers inspiration for how to turn desire into action and give your new year’s resolutions real weight.

Devotional Series

Colossians: New Kingdom, New King, and New Living

Discover the timeless wisdom of the Book of Colossians in our 15-day devotional series. Dive into the profound teachings of Paul as he reveals the transformative power of faith, love, and a new kingdom perspective. Join us on this journey to uncover how the gospel empowers us to live a life aligned with Christ’s teachings.

Devotional Series

Work and the Work of Christ

Our identities are often rooted more in what we do than in who we are in Christ. This devotional series leads us through some biblical challenges related to our work, along with reflections on the work of Christ and the power that now lives in us by the Holy Spirit.

Devotional Series

David: Lessons from a King

How do you navigate life’s hardships? Do you depend on yourself or do you depend on God? Learn from King David, a man after God’s own heart with this devotional series.
Devotional Series

Cultivating A Heart of Gratitude

A twelve-day devotional on cultivating a heart of gratitude as we near the holiday season. To sign up, simply click the button below and enter your information. 

Devotional Series

Jesus, Servant Leadership

A seven-day devotional on Jesus’s example of Servant Leadership. To sign up, simply click the button below and enter your information. 

Devotional Series

O Gladsome Light

Our Advent devotional series, “O Gladsome Light,” is designed to be read each Sunday and on Christmas Day, but you can find insight and inspiration from them no matter when you choose to read them.

More Devotionals

Coming Soon

More Devotionals

Coming Soon

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