Exercising Growth & Spiritual Maturity
Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed...

The Redeemed is introducing new devotional series periodically throughout the year to help inspire and guide you on your spiritual journey.

New inspirations will be delivered to you daily over the course of the series, and the length of each devotional will vary. When one devotional is finished, you can come back for a brand-new topic.

Sign up at your convenience; the devotional will start on your time, not ours. See below for more details.

Digital, On-Demand Devotionals

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Devotional Series

O Gladsome Light

Our Advent devotional series, “O Gladsome Light,” is designed to be read each Sunday and on Christmas Day, but you can find insight and inspiration from them no matter when you choose to read them.

Devotional Series

Cultivating A Heart of Gratitude

A twelve-day devotional on cultivating a heart of gratitude as we near the holiday season. To sign up, simply click the button below and enter your information. 

Devotional Series

Jesus, Servant Leadership

A seven-day devotional on Jesus’s example of Servant Leadership. To sign up, simply click the button below and enter your information. 

More Devotionals

Coming Soon

More Devotionals

Coming Soon

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