“Be like a duck,” the motivational poster encourages, “remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath.” Across the country, millions of men are doing that every day—maintaining the strong, stoic façade that society has long expected of adult males, even as they struggle mightily with depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. Many of those men are so good at staying calm on the surface that the rest of the world can’t imagine why they’d be hurting. After all, if you’ve got a home, a job, and a family, you’re living the American dream; what could you possibly have to be worried about?

These days, plenty—issues ranging from financial and relationship troubles to health problems, addiction, and the simple anxiety that comes from living in our competitive, polarized world. And while many men can find solace in religion, others—particularly those facing the stigma of unemployment, sexual issues, alcoholism, or drug addiction—shy away from churches because they fear being condemned or gossiped about. 

The goal of The Redeemed is to provide those men a supportive, communal environment where they can discuss their problems, worries, and feelings of “brokenness” without fear of being judged or censored. And while the values of The Redeemed are rooted in the redemption God has granted us before we’ve even asked for it, we welcome men of any faith, or no faith at all. We present God’s redemption not as a trophy that can be won only by the worthy, but as a path that is open to all. In addition to that path, we can connect men with qualified professional help for medical, emotional, or addiction-related issues.

In these challenging, uncertain times, many men feel broken and alone. The Redeemed aims to show them they’re not alone in their brokenness, and that God’s love and strength are available to them too—not in spite of their human failings, but because.