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Through funding from generous partners like you, we can continue to broaden our ministry’s reach and expand our resources to better support and encourage men to find hope in Christ and gain support through a community of like-minded men. 

The Redeemed Man podcast features guests from a wide range of backgrounds and experience offering wisdom and insights into life’s challenges, Biblical teaching, and recovering and healing from the problems we encounter.

Gather with like-minded men to empower one another and walk in the fullness of all that God has in store for them.

Rooted in a biblical principle that emphasizes the importance of men supporting and improving each other through meaningful relationships; these monthly meetings involve breakfast (in-person), a brief teaching session, and small group discussions. Huddles will meet once monthly during the school year.

Our weekly gatherings are centered on three important aspects: prayer support, genuine relationships, and biblical inspiration. These groups meet weekly and offer an ideal environment for developing deep connections and continuous personal development.

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