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By partnering with The Redeemed we can expand our collective reach and join together to provide sincere, meaningful, positive guidance to all men who are hurting.

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The Redeemed’s regular newsletter includes thoughtful devotionals from founder Paul Amos, information on upcoming webinar presentations, and links to other inspirational messages and resources—both for those who are struggling, and those who are trying to help.
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Inspired by what you’ve seen and heard from The Redeemed? Get in touch to let us know how you would like to include The Redeemed in your existing resources and outreach efforts.
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Let’s combine efforts to provide resources that equip and empower men as they heal and discover their very own redemption story.
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Invite The Redeemed to speak at your church or next men's event

If you’re looking for speakers for your own church, ministry, or men’s group, you can bring Paul Amos to share his personal thoughts on struggle, faith, and redemption, as well as other dynamic speakers in his network. Here’s how.
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At The Redeemed we place emphasis on prayer because we know that God works through the prayers of His people. We know prayer is vital to the life and growth of a ministry.