Family Legacies: What We Receive – and What We Pass On

Paul Amos and Nate Dewberry introduce the topic of creating family faith legacies by sharing their own personal stories of the legacies.

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About The Podcast

The theme at The Redeemed for the month of May is creating a family faith legacy. In this podcast, founder Paul Amos and director Nate Dewberry introduce listeners to that topic by telling their own stories—not just of the strong legacies that they inherited, but also of how they re-committed to those legacies after hitting low points in their lives, and what they’re doing to pass along those strengthened legacies to new generations. Over the course of their conversation, they touch on topics such as the important roles of women in a family, overcoming shame, and being present for one’s children—demonstrating that a faith legacy is a combination of many more factors than we might realize.

Show Notes


0:00—Introduction to this month’s theme

2:05—Paul’s family and how his son got him to re-center his life

8:00—Nate’s family and how their faith shaped him

13:43—the important role of women in modeling faith for their families and passing it on

17:14—the role of redemption in a family’s faith story

23:50—changing your faith trajectory


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