Beyond Work, Beyond Trauma: Finding Identity in Christ

Jeremy Stalnecker joins The Redeemed to discuss his struggle to find identity and meaning outside of his military career.

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About The Podcast

After a successful military career that included the liberation of Baghdad in 2003, Marine infantryman Jeremy Stalnecker struggled to find an identity or meaning outside of his military career—and his relationships suffered as a result. But after meeting with fellow vets 10 years later, he realized God had found him a purpose helping hurting veterans through the Mighty Oaks Foundation.

In this podcast, Jeremy talks with Paul Amos about losing one’s identity, regaining it, and finding a life beyond our most traumatic experiences. Trauma may be an indelible part of our past, he explains, but finding purpose and direction in Christ can keep it from controlling us.

Show Notes


  • Might Oaks Foundation: Mighty Oaks provides peer-to-peer resiliency and recovery programs that serve as the catalyst to assist our Nation’s Warriors dealing with challenges related to the struggles of daily military life, combat deployments and the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS) offered at no cost to our Nation’s Warriors, including travel at beautiful ranches across the US.

  • Jeremy Stalnecker: An accomplished author, inspirational speaker and a frequent guest on some of the most prominent news networks.

  • March or Die Podcast: Host Jeremy Stalnecker seeks to help listeners answer one of the toughest questions we all face, “How do I move forward when my world is falling apart?”

  • Life After Addiction Podcast with Adam Comer and Ryan Chidester

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