Making a Military Marriage Work

Explore military life's unique challenges in marriage & parenting with Jim & Tabitha Pooler and Russ & Cindy Leaphart.

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About The Podcast

Life in the military is never easy, but there are entirely new challenges when you have to balance your service obligations with your responsibilities as a spouse and parents. This week we bring you conversations with two couples—Jim and Tabitha Pooler and Russ and Cindy Leaphart—about some specific challenges they’ve faced and how they persevered. For the Leapharts, it was having to help their children adjust to frequent moves and “re-orienting” when Army work started cutting into family responsibilities; for the Poolers, it was coping with the trauma of multiple miscarriages while Tabitha and Jim were on opposite sides of the world. Through their stories you’ll learn lessons on open and honest communication, the importance of thorough planning, and how to keep the stress of military life from overwhelming an otherwise happy marriage.

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