How to Have a Rite of Passage Weekend

Author Steven Arms joins Paul Amos to discuss rites of passage, sharing insights on manhood and how such rituals benefit all generations.

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About The Podcast

If many men these days act like boys—fighting, racking up sexual conquests, obsessing over childish pursuits—author Steven Arms says it might be because nobody ever told them, “You’re a man now.” Steven, on the other hand, did hear that from his father and male relatives at the “rite of passage weekend” they put together for him when he turned 13. Now, through his book Milestone to Manhood and the accompanying website and podcast, Steven gives other men tips on how they can have these bonding weekends with their own sons. This week Steven talks with Redeemed founder Paul Amos about rites of passage and how men of all generations can benefit from them—and how such rites of passage can also be valuable for daughters, as well as boys growing up in homes without fathers.

Show Notes


0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

6:11—What boys need to become men

14:25—The elements of a “rite of passage weekend”

24:14—Why 13 is the perfect age for a rite of passage

28:56—Doing a rite of passage for daughters, or for sons with absentee dads

33:50—What does redemption mean to you?/Steven’s writing career

37:01—Additional resources Steven recommends

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