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Thomas Cox explores the balancing act of being a businessman, husband, father, and the importance of self-care for personal growth.

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About The Podcast

The stops on Thomas Cox’s physical fitness journey include four years as a quarterback for the UAB Blazers, seven as a college football coach, and the creation of both a health-oriented meal delivery service and a successful catering company. One of the biggest keys to his success, he says—in business, fitness, and life—is being willing to do hard things. “When hard tasks come up that are unknown,” he explains, “I want to go back to the hard things that I’ve done and say, ‘I did that, I know I can do this.’” In this week’s podcast with Nate Dewberry, Thomas talks about the challenges and joys of being a businessman, what he’s learned as a husband and father, and the times when men need to be a little selfish to keep themselves improving. He even shares some simple but profound tips on how men can start feeling healthier almost right away.

Show Notes

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1:49—Thomas’ background and football career

8:14—How Thomas’ background in physical fitness turned into a successful business

16:31—The challenges and exciting opportunities in Thomas’ current career

22:54—The importance of a daily routine and setting aside some time to be “selfish”

28:25—Simple steps men can take to improve their health

32:17—Friendships as an adult: “Hang around people who make you better”

36:27—Thomas’ thoughts on children and marriage

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