Breaking Free of Our Broken Stories

Ian Cron, Episcopal priest, therapist, & author joins us to discuss breaking free of "broken stories" or false narratives & sharing our truth.
Ian Morgan Cron is a partner of The Redeemed

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About The Podcast

Ian Morgan Cron is an Episcopal priest, therapist, and author who has written extensively about personality types and how they interact, as well as the “broken stories” we tell ourselves that perpetuate self-destructive behavior. In this week’s podcast, close friends Ian and Paul Amos discuss topics ranging from the enneagram personality test to breaking free of false narratives, sharing our truths with others, and learning to enjoy our own friendship. Loving yourself—your true self—doesn’t have to be egotistical, Ian says. Why wouldn’t God want us to like ourselves as much as He does?

Show Notes



0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

2:46—An overview of the enneagram

12:02—How the enneagram can help build communication and leadership skills

19:31—The “broken stories” of our lives and how we can rewrite them

27:52—The masks we wear and how community can help us break free of them

36:46—Redemption and being willing to become “our own best friend”

43:00—Figuring out what our suffering means and drawing hope from it


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