Building Community When You’re On the Move

Josh Babb discusses how he found identity in Christ, learned to resist lures of the flesh, and isolation experienced by modern soldiers.

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About The Podcast

Though he’s still young, Army recon platoon leader Josh Babb has faced plenty of difficulties and dilemmas, from identity struggles to an unhealthy dependence on pornography to the challenge of finding community when you’re in the military and frequently on the move. But Josh says he managed to find the answers to all of those challenges and more in scripture, and his relationship with the Lord has never been stronger. Josh talks with Nate Dewberry about how he found his identity in Christ and learned to resist the lures of the flesh, as well as his advice for fellow service members who face isolation and temptation as they live the nomadic life of a modern soldier.


Show Notes


0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

4:07—Josh’s background and what he does in the Army

9:33—Josh’s spiritual journey and his struggle with pornography

20:36—Dealing with shame

23:33—Spiritual advice for service members

36:09—What does redemption mean to you?

38:28—What Josh sees in his future/outro



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