God, Father to the Fatherless

Peyton Linder and Chase Tucker join The Redeemed Man podcast to discuss the struggles they faced as children with absentee fathers.

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About The Podcast

The epidemic of absentee fathers in America has hurt countless children and imperiled their futures, but there is still hope for people even when they’ve had to grow up without a father. In this podcast, two adult men who grew up without their fathers—Peyton Linder of Troy University at Phenix City and Chase Tucker of River of Life Church—discuss the struggles they faced as children and the mistakes they made trying to heal the “father wound.” But they also talk about how they’ve risen above those challenges—and how they’re trying to “break the cycle” of fatherly abandonment by spreading the Gospel and being the mentors and role models children and fathers alike desperately need.

Show Notes


0:00—Introducing Chase and Peyton/”lightning round”

4:37—The struggles of growing up without a dad

17:09—How their journeys inform their hopes and goals for the future

22:48—What would you say to your dad today?

28:51—Challenges to growing spiritually when your father was absent

42:15—Battling the absentee-father epidemic

45:52—What does redemption mean to you?

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