Let the redeemed tell their story…

Psalm 170:2


"So what are we to do with such an incredible gift? How can we spread this message and ensure that everyone understands the magnitude of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross? I believe it begins with Psalm 107:2."
Paul Amos

For those feeling depressed, hopeless, or “broken,” few things are more encouraging or inspirational than the uplifting stories of people who have found redemption themselves. You might have such a story yourself. Whether your road to redemption began with a major life event, an offer of help from a trusted friend, or something as small as a quiet epiphany in a moment of solitude, your story of redemption could help set another hurting individual on the road to hope restored.

We encourage you to share that story with us below. You can include photo or video files, and you can exclude identifying information if you wish to remain anonymous. There are no rules regarding length or content, other than these guidelines:

  • Tell your story in your own words.
  • We will not publish anything advocating violence or hatred.
  • Please do not include any requests for financial support or other donations.

Thank you in advance for allowing your changed life to change others!