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Join Luke Parker in a candid talk on overcoming life's trials with faith and community on The Redeemed Man Podcast.

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About The Podcast

Luke Parker is a college athlete, a reality show contestant, and a modern man who, like many of us, has faced difficulties and temptations in life. However, he has found the security of God’s love and the knowledge that he is not alone in his struggles to be a source of strength. Luke, a competitive CrossFit athlete, describes himself and others as “fellow beggars” searching for bread. In this week’s episode, Luke talks to Nate about his challenges, some of which he acknowledges were self-inflicted. He also shares how honest and open relationships with God and other men have helped him stay on a positive path.

Show Notes



1:56—Luke’s background and spiritual awakening

9:25—How Luke has personally experienced God’s redemption

18:26—Being comfortable in one’s identity in Christ

24:45—Galatians 2 and Luke’s practices for regular discipleship

33:50—Men who have helped shape Luke into who he is today

41:06—The spiritual benefits of being willing to talk about one’s failings with others

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The Redeemed Man podcast features guests from a wide range of backgrounds and experience offering wisdom and insights into life’s challenges, Biblical teaching, as well as recovering and healing from the problems we encounter.

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