Surviving the Most Difficult Seasons

When it comes to overcoming tragedy & surviving difficult seasons finding strength & reassurance in other people is key.

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About The Podcast

This month’s theme for The Redeemed Man podcast is overcoming tragedy.  Director Nathan Dewberry gives us a short introduction to this topic in this week’s edition. Nate draws lessons from scripture, the examples of his grandmothers who persevered even after losing their spouses, and his own traumatic divorce as he shares his thoughts on how men in crisis can maintain their faith in God even when life has taken a painful turn and rediscover the hope that He offers each of us. Finding strength and reassurance in other people is key—and for those of us who have survived tragedy and thrived, so is providing that reassurance for those in need.

Show Notes


2:32—The deaths of Nate’s grandfathers and how his grandmothers persevered

4:55—How people deal with tragedy, using the example of Joseph in the Bible

9:17—Nate talks about his own divorce and what he learned from it

11:06—Advice for those who are going through tough times

13:59—How you can help others who are going through tough times

15:03—Closing prayer/outro

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The Redeemed Man podcast features guests from a wide range of backgrounds and experience offering wisdom and insights into life’s challenges, Biblical teaching, as well as recovering and healing from the problems we encounter.

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