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Jay Cookingham webinar

Freedom Restored

Jay Cookingham, founder of Strategic Fathering Ministries, encourages men to embrace God’s call to aid and mentor people in need.

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birds flying at sunrise


God has given us free will, but how do we find true freedom? Scripture gives us that answer. Read this to study the biblical path to freedom.

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Friends enjoying party with bbq and alcohol

How to Avoid Summer Sins

Where the sun goes, alcohol tends to follow. If you wish to resist alcohol this summer we must prepare our minds and bodies to resist the temptation.

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man at office sitting at desk taking a break to seek God's presence, Christian Mindfulness concept

Christian Mindfulness

Discouraged because you can’t feel God’s presence to KNOW He is there? Learn simple ways we can be mindful of God’s presence in our everyday lives.

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close up of mens shoes walking down street alone


When we think of success, we often think of it in terms of money, our career, or even romance. The problem is that our earthly view does not always align to how God views success.

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