You Don’t Have to Do the Fighting on Your Own

Explore JT Clark's journey from emptiness to fulfillment, as he discusses overcoming sin with faith & his work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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About The Podcast

JT Clark says he’s spent most of his life “searching for something.” Sometimes he tried to fill that void with athletics or his love of the outdoors; more often, he filled it with unhealthy things like drugs or sexual conquests. It wasn’t until three years ago, when he was invited to church by a pastor who knew about the sins in his past, that he realized God could fill that void better than anything. Through his work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, he’s sharing the lessons he’s learned—and this week he talks with Nate Dewberry about them as well, from the realization that we can resist sin far better with God than we can on our own to the joy of serving God and trusting in His plan.

Show Notes


0:00—Opening prayer/banter

2:18—Small group update/intro of guest

4:36—JT’s ascent from sinfulness to ministry

16:51—How do you live for the future when you’ve got a past?

25:24—Delighting in serving the Lord vs. just going through the motions

33:18—Being willing to put your own plan aside and trust God’s instead

41:27—What does redemption mean to you?


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