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worried businessman sitting on steps - scripture about worry

Scriptures About Worry

Are you overwhelmed by fear and worry? Fear not. God’s got this! Trust Him. We pray this gathering of scriptures about worry will help calm your spirit and lead you to lean on God’s promises when life is uncertain.

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Friends enjoying party with bbq and alcohol

How to Avoid Summer Sins

Where the sun goes, alcohol tends to follow. If you wish to resist alcohol this summer we must prepare our minds and bodies to resist the temptation.

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silhouette of man with hands lifted high


I don’t know about you, but I sure am hopeful that 2021 is a very different year from 2020. While 2020 caused me to grow a tremendous amount from a personal perspective, the year also wore me down…

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man looking out office window contemplating weight of shame

Overcoming the Weight of Shame

When my marriage collapsed, I felt a lot of things—regret, anger, confusion, worry for the future—but above all, I felt shame.
But God has already told us we’re worthy! The question is, will we believe Him?

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God, Sex, & the Soul

Rev. Michael Cusick shares the messy journey his life has taken him on. He opens up about the hiddenness, addiction, shame, and brokenness in his life.

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