I Was in Prison, and You Came to Me

Discover Jonathan Irons' journey from wrongful conviction to freedom, and how he and Maya Moore are impacting lives.

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About The Podcast

At just 16 years old, Jonathan Irons was tried as an adult, convicted, and sentenced to 50 years in prison—all for a burglary and assault he didn’t commit. Strengthened by his faith and a prison ministry that believed in him, he endured 22 years of incarceration before being released in 2020. Today, he and his wife, former WNBA superstar Maya Moore, run Win With Justice, a nonprofit educating the public about how the justice system works, the potential for abuses that exist—and how people can help prisoners looking for a second chance. This week Jonathan tells his stunning story to Paul Amos and Nate Dewberry, and shares his reflections on how anyone can live out Jesus’s call to help “the least of [His] people.”

Show Notes

Additional Resources:

0:00—Intro/What does redemption mean to you?

3:13—The origins of Jonathan’s faith

10:21—The difference prison ministry made in Jonathan’s life

17:18—Finding light, purpose, and hope in the midst of darkness

19:22—How Jonathan met Maya Moore and what they’re doing today

28:03—Why regular people should reach out to prisoners and give them a chance

33:00—Jonathan’s life since being released: healing and a renewed sense of gratitude

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