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Hear Tracy Campbell's story of maintaining faith in Hollywood, with tips on finding peace and spirituality in a world full of distractions.

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About The Podcast

With all the distractions presented by the media, popular culture, and the online world, it can be hard to carve out time and space to block out the outside world and just be with God. This week’s episode of The Redeemed Man contains some worthwhile advice on how to do it—and ironically enough, it comes from someone in the entertainment industry: Tracy Campbell, a Georgia native who’s now a writer, actor, and director in southern California. Despite the widely held stereotype that the entertainment world is incompatible with a meaningful spiritual life, Tracy shares how he’s managed to stay true to himself and to God despite the temptations of both Hollywood and the single life. He also offers insightful thoughts into having patience and maintaining one’s faith even in the midst of tragedy and heartache.

Show Notes

Additional Resources:

0:00—Intro/What does redemption mean to you?

3:36—Tracy’s spiritual background and mentors

12:29—“Simple devotion” to the Lord and why it’s so important

20:53—How Tracy brings faith to his work in the entertainment industry

36:37—Tracy remembers one of the darkest periods of his life and the people who helped him

42:17—Staying true to one’s values in the dating world

46:40—What Tracy feels like the Lord is teaching him right now

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