From Jail and Addiction to Hope and Redemption

In this week's podcast episode, Phil Shuler and Troy Gardner discuss the impact of God's grace on aiding the addicted and homeless.

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About The Podcast

This July at The Redeemed we are focusing on community service, and there are few acts more profound than aiding the addicted, the homeless, and the hopeless. This week’s podcast features Phil Shuler, Director of Development for SafeHouse Ministries in Columbus, Georgia, and Troy Gardner, a testament to transformation after nearly three decades of drug addiction. Phil and Troy have seen firsthand the severity of America’s addiction and homelessness crises, but they also testify to the redemptive power of God’s grace. Their stories of faith and hope are sure to inspire and reassure you, no matter where you are on your journey.

Show Notes

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1:05About SafeHouse and its mission

7:44How SafeHouse helped Troy beat crack addiction and turn his life around

20:57What does redemption mean to you?

25:23How people can get involved with SafeHouse

30:08Troy recalls how his addiction began, and what inspired him to change

37:38Phil talks about how the people and stories at SafeHouse have affected him

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