For King + Country: Thoughts from the Son of an Unsung Hero

Luke Smallbone of For King & Country discusses faith, family, and his film 'Unsung Hero' on The Redeemed Man Podcast.

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About The Podcast

Luke Smallbone, one half of the Christian pop duo For King & Country, recalls his childhood as a hemisphere-spanning story of keeping the faith and rising above seemingly insurmountable family struggles. That incredible story will soon hit the big screen as the film “Unsung Hero,” which Luke co-produced—with his brother and bandmate Joel on the other side of the camera. This week Nate Dewberry engages Luke about his family’s story and the “miracles” that came to them in the form of selfless neighbors and communities. Luke also talks about how the experience reinforced his belief in the importance of family, and how he balances the rigors of a career in the entertainment industry with the responsibilities of being a husband and father.

Show Notes

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0:00—Intro/What does redemption mean to you?

3:27—The film “Unsung Hero” and its lessons about family

8:22—The miracles that have been worked in Luke’s life

11:58—Working with his siblings in the entertainment industry

16:25—What’s coming up for Luke and his brother

18:05—Maintaining a sense of community/Outro

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