From Dope Dealer to Hope Dealer

I grew up in church from a young age. In my teenage years I experienced some church hurt. I stopped going to church all together when I turned 19.

Throughout my twenties and into my early thirties, I tried to fill my spiritual void with drugs and alcohol. Nothing ever worked and the further down that dark road I went, the worse I got.

I went from using drugs to selling drugs, this eventually got me locked up. While in jail, a jail ministry came to our pod and shared the word of Christ.

I would like to say things changed right then, but it took several more months of softening my heart before I would come to Christ again.

That was over 9 years ago. The relationships that I have built with men in my community, along with recovery meetings, have helped me to make it this far. Christ is the only thing that can fill the spiritual void we all have. Having men around me who live an honest and transparent life encourages me to continue to seek the cross. I’m alive today only by His Grace and Glory.

Joel 2:25 the Lord says “I will restore the years the locusts have eaten…” The Lord has more than restored my life. He has also redeemed me in his Glory.

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