You Don’t Always Have to Pitch a Perfect Game

Gage Dollar discusses what baseball has taught him about teamwork, blessings, and the value of community.

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About The Podcast

From the first time Gage Dollar picked up a bat as a tee-ball player in his youth, he was hooked. He went on to become a star pitcher for the Central High School baseball team in Phenix City, Alabama, and then for the Alabama State Hornets—years of experience that taught him about teamwork, appreciating one’s blessings, and the value of community in becoming a confident and authentic leader. Gage shares some of those lessons, along with what he’s learned as a husband and a new dad, with Nate Dewberry in this week’s podcast. Being part of an open and honest community—and being willing to accept and deal with failure—are two things Gage says will serve men well whether they’re in sports, business, ministry, or anything else.

Show Notes


0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

4:22—Gage’s background in sports

10:30—How do we take our passion for sports and translate it into something greater?

16:55—Gage talks about his wife and family

20:56—Building community and being willing to be vulnerable

26:17—Gage’s favorite sports experiences and how they’ve remained meaningful

32:06—Adapting to life after baseball/outro

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