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A place where all men can open up about challenges, worries, and failures – and celebrate their triumphs over those struggles.
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Advent Devotional

Our Advent devotional series will help you find inspiration and a grateful heart amidst the stress of the holiday season.

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Men's Groups

Join one of regular men’s meetups, available online or in person, to find the community and support in overcoming daily challenges.

Journey from Porn Star to Preacher with Joshua Broome

Latest Podcast

Uncover the incredible transformation of Joshua Broome, from a former porn star to a renowned speaker and author.


The Redeemed Man podcast features guests from a wide range of backgrounds and experience offering wisdom and insights into life’s challenges, Biblical teaching, and recovering and healing from the problems we encounter.  


You can listen to our podcast on the website, Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, and Podcast Addict.


You can watch our discussions on the website or YouTube.

Discussion Guides

We provide a downloadable discussion guide for each podcast. This guide includes the focus verse and additional details discussed during the podcast.

Small Groups

Our small group meetings (online and in-person) are a way for men to come together in fellowship and find strength and reassurance as they deal with their struggles and shortcomings.

Online Groups

No matter where you are, you can participate in one of our Zoom meetings.

In-Person Groups

Participate in one of our in-person groups and build lasting bonds with other men.

Digital Devotions

Digital devotionals, on demand. Simply click, sign up, and receive a series of daily, inspirational emails covering various topics periodically throughout the year. Start whenever you’re ready.


Free content to inspire and equip you on your spiritual journey. Read through blog articles from The Redeemed team on the meaning of redemption and how we can walk in Christ’s footsteps even in challenging times. Dig even deeper with more resources from our partners and other ministries.

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