Leadership for a New Generation

Mark Pettus discusses leading effectively and offers advice for young people aspiring to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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About The Podcast

Mark Pettus, President of Highlands College in Birmingham, draws on his invaluable experience in growing Church of the Highlands’ student ministry from a few dozen to several thousand to share insightful leadership strategies on how to effectively lead as followers and responsibilities increase in this week’s conversation with Nate Dewberry. Mark highlights the worth of building a well-rounded team of talents in leadership positions and discusses the difficult balance between leading at work and at home. Moreover, he offers invaluable guidance to young people aspiring to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Show Notes

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0:00—Intro/Redeemed updates

3:40—The experiences that shaped Mark and his leadership style

15:49—Growing your leadership capacity as you’re leading more people

23:17—Keys to building a strong, focused team

33:54—What does redemption mean to you?

36:52—Balancing leadership at work with leadership at home

47:21—Mark’s advice—and praise—for young leaders

53:50—What’s happening at Highlands College

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