Leaving Pornography, Finding Wholeness

Michael Cusick, founder of Restoring the Soul ministry, discusses the real damage of porn addiction and how men can break free.
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About The Podcast

Getting a glimpse of one of dad’s Playboy magazines is so common it’s treated as a rite of passage for many men, but beneath that patina of innocence lies the potential for real and lasting damage. Rev. Michael Cusick was first exposed to porn at age 4 and by his teen years was a full-blown porn addict; it continued to blossom into a sex addiction that nearly destroyed his marriage. But he turned his life around and founded Restoring the Soul, a ministry that combines therapeutic principles with scripture to help men overcome unhealthy sexual dependencies. Michael talks with Paul Amos in this week’s podcast about the real damage porn addiction can do and how men can break free of it to lead more fulfilling lives.

Show Notes

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3:12—Michael’s story of porn addiction and recovery

12:52—Opening people’s eyes to the dangers of porn

19:28—How do you overcome a porn addiction?

29:27—The importance of sharing one’s failings and being open with other men

35:09—Resources for wives/closing advice/outro

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