What ‘The Light of the World’ Means for Us”

Discover the true meaning of Christmas with Army veteran Jordan Thome as he explores Jesus as 'the light of the world.'

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About The Podcast

With Christmas almost upon us, this week The Redeemed turns its podcast over to Army veteran and ministry leader Jordan Thome, who offers his thoughts on Jesus’s statement “I am the light of the world” and what it means for us. Jesus, he says, is the fulfillment of prophecies and covenants made long before He came to earth. Reflecting more deeply on those promises kept, and increasing our appreciation for those gifts, will help us to get in the right frame of mind this Christmas season and become more committed to sharing God’s light throughout the year.

Show Notes



1:09—The “light of the world” and Jesus’ life in wider context

7:09—Better understanding God’s will for us

11:11—How we can live according to the Spirit and not the flesh

16:35—Jordan’s advice on strengthening your relationship with God this holiday season

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