The ‘Beautiful Burden’ of Leadership

Explore the 'beautiful burden' of leadership with Ricky Smith as he discusses guiding a church through crises and finding balance in life.

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About The Podcast

Having preached his first sermon at age 12, Ricky Smith always knew he was meant for a life in ministry. And he was right—for the past five years, he’s been the lead pastor at Calvary Christian Church in Columbus, Georgia. Ricky talks with Nate Dewberry about the “beautiful burden” of leading a congregation and what he learned from his most challenging season as a pastor: leading his church through the COVID pandemic and the racial tensions that stemmed from the death of George Floyd in 2020. He also offers some insight into healthy communication between spouses—as well as thoughts on everything from basketball to beekeeping.

Show Notes



1:12—Ricky’s background and career path

7:26—Communicating God’s grace and reassuring people about His plan

12:34—Leadership in a challenging season—COVID and the George Floyd incident

21:16—Ricky’s longtime love of basketball

26:53—Marriage, parenthood, and good communication

32:03—Ricky’s interests in gardening and beekeeping

35:51—The scripture Ricky’s currently reading/What does redemption mean to you?

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