The Ups and Downs of Marriage

Explore marriage highs and lows with Nate and Liz, from strengthening bonds to blended family dynamics.

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About The Podcast

Redeemed director Nate Dewberry is back with his wife Liz to look back on the year gone by, talk about their high points and biggest challenges, and discuss a variety of other topics relating to happy, healthy marriages. What can you do to make your spouse feel more secure in your relationship? How do you keep everyone happy in a blended family? And how can you pass on marriage advice to your own adult kids without coming across as preachy or overbearing? Nate and Liz tackle these topics and many others as we introduce marriage and relationships as our theme for February 2024.

Show Notes



1:40—Looking back over the past year—the high points and challenges

9:39—Relationships take work, but good ones are worth it

13:05—What it means to feel secure in a relationship

18:10—Divorce and blended families

23:33—Prioritizing marriage over all other relationships

28:56—Giving the next generation marriage advice—what to do and what not to do

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