Will You Finish Strong?

Explore Jeff Tiegs' battle against sexual predators and his insights on finishing strong in life in this episode of The Redeemed Man Podcast.

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About The Podcast

As a former lieutenant in the Army’s Delta Force antiterrorism unit, Jeff Tiegs has seen combat and strife as far away as Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Now retired from the military, he is putting his strategic and intelligence-gathering skills to use on behalf of exploited women all over the world as the president of Skull Games, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting sexual predators and human trafficking. In this week’s podcast with Nate Dewberry, Jeff talks about the work his team does and the ways in which sex traffickers exploit human nature and create a false sense of security to keep women under their control. He also talks about his new book, Where Have All the Heroes Gone?, and its lessons for older men and younger generations alike as they try to break free from complacency and find a way to “finish strong” in life.

Show Notes


0:00—Intro/What does redemption mean to you?

3:11—Jeff’s new book and the importance of “finishing strong” in life

12:59—Jeff talks about Skull Games and the ways sex traffickers manipulate women

22:18—Coming back from troubled pasts and finding purpose in our suffering

26:48—How people can get involved in Skull Games’ work

34:14—Staying spiritually strong under the immense emotional weight of Skull Games’ work

39:48—What’s on the horizon for Jeff and his family

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