A Milestone for The Redeemed Man

Join Paul Amos & Nate Dewberry as they celebrate 100 episodes of “The Redeemed Man,” reflecting on its journey & memorable moments.

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About The Podcast

“The Redeemed Man” has reached its 100th episode, and Redeemed founder Paul Amos and director Nate Dewberry take the opportunity to look back on the past four years. They talk about the podcast’s beginnings, when it helped keep the entire ministry project from being completely derailed by COVID, and how it’s helped build The Redeemed community; they also recall some of their most memorable moments, and spotlight the people who help make it happen.

Show Notes



1:07—The beginnings of the podcast and how it’s evolved

9:58—Getting men more comfortable with the idea of sharing their stories

14:48—How the podcast has helped build and strengthen The Redeemed community

20:05—A brief look inside The Redeemed small groups

23:14—Some of Paul and Nate’s favorite moments

28:48—How the podcast gets made (and the team that makes it)

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The Redeemed Man podcast features guests from a wide range of backgrounds and experience offering wisdom and insights into life’s challenges, Biblical teaching, as well as recovering and healing from the problems we encounter.

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