Breaking Free from Addiction: The Lord’s Not Done With You Yet

Shawn Ryan joins The Redeemed Man Podcast to discuss his harrowing story of addiction and what saved him.

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About The Podcast

When Shawn Ryan counsels addicts at Pennsylvania Adult and Teen Challenge, he speaks as someone who has seen addiction from the inside—and ridden it all the way to rock bottom. But even after relapses, a year in jail, and temporarily having his children taken away, he still had friends who weren’t willing to give up on him—and neither was God. This week Shawn talks with Nate Dewberry about his harrowing story and what saved him, with advice for both people struggling with drugs and parents desperate to save their kids from addiction.

Show Notes



0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

5:20—Shawn’s story of addiction

23:44—The importance of a faithful friend to his recovery

27:27—Advice for parents dealing with a child’s addiction

31:14—Shawn’s perspective on the nationwide drug epidemic

39:01—How Shawn protects himself and maintains his sobriety

43:22—What does redemption mean to you?/outro

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