Changing Lives Beyond the Gridiron

Patrick Nix joins The Redeemed Man Podcast to talk about how even setbacks and losses have a purpose in God's grand plan for our lives.

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About The Podcast

Over the course of 18 years as a college football coach, and another decade at the high school level, Patrick Nix—a former standout QB at Auburn—has seen plenty of ups and downs, wins and losses. But the example his father set as a coach, father, and Christian helped teach him that even the setbacks and losses have a purpose and meaning in God’s grand plan for our lives. In this podcast, Patrick discusses his philosophies as a coach and as a parent, the importance of openly expressing one’s faith, and the seminal moment in his teenage years that taught him to always see the bigger picture.

Show Notes


0:00—Intro/”lightning round”/what does redemption mean to you?

4:25—Patrick’s guiding philosophies as a coach

14:42—influencing his players beyond the football field

24:08—the challenges he faced being a head coach at just 25

30:20—expressing faith in the workplace/story of his dad getting fired

40:03—being a father and serving as a Christian example to his kids

48:43—cheering for his kids who are athletes/closing

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