Christian Podcasts for Men in 2022

Looking for a few new podcasts for christian men? We wanted to share a few of our favorites that we are super excited about for 2022.
man listening to christian podcast in 2022

Podcasts are getting bigger, better, and even more popular as time goes on. Looking to find a few new ones to add to your playlist for the new year? Here’s a list of  Christian podcasts for men that we are excited to listen to in 2022.

1. The Redeemed Man

The Redeemed Man podcast features interviews with dynamic speakers on a variety of topics affecting men in our competitive, polarized world. Paul Amos, founder of The Redeemed, hosts this podcast in hopes of offering Christian wisdom and insights into many of life’s challenges. Issues ranging from financial and relationship troubles to health problems, addiction, anxiety, and more.

2. The Cussin' Christian

Guys are getting together and getting real. Each week a group of guys like you will discuss what it is to be a Christian. Don’t let the name fool you. There will be no offensive material, but there will be subjects that delve into some things that we as guys don’t like to talk about sometimes.

3. Grace for Man

A few years ago Trey Etheridge decided “enough was enough.” He was tired of the people he cared about, the people he thought he knew, hiding their true selves. Trey started MPACT Ministries (Men Passionate About Christ); Christian brothers coming together and helping every man understand God’s unconditional grace and the truth about His  forgiveness, EVEN in our imperfections. 

4. Every Man

Kenny Luck’s Every Man podcast focuses on inspiring, supporting and encouraging men to be healthy in their spiritual life and in their relationships with others.  This podcast for Christian men offers men the tools they need to face today’s challenges and be all they can be for God, for their families, and for themselves.

5. Men In The Arena

The Men in the Arena podcast is designed for Christian men in the stress bubble of life: married, with kids, building your career and trying to follow God and lead your family well. The Men in the Arena podcast strives to help you become your best version, equipping you to honor God in your marriage, parenting, work, church and community!

6. The Frontline podcast
for Christian Men

The Frontline podcast for Christian Men with Matt Knoll is a place where men can find encouragement and strength to remain standing when the battles of life are closing in all around. A place where men will hear honest truth that will equip them, and arm them, to keep fighting in faith against the enemy’s daily opposition.

7. Quality Manhood

Quality Manhood is a podcast for Christian men who want to understand how to take God’s word and apply it to everyday life. 

8. The Authentic Christian

What does it mean to be an Authentic Christian? Join Aaron Gallagher, Scott Ingram, and Tucker Wallace as they discuss the everyday struggle of a Christian, culturally relevant topics, and the Biblical principles that should guide their response.

9. Christian Men at Work

In the Christian Men at Work podcast, Dave Hilgendorf interviews men from all walks of life who are choosing daily to be led by the Holy Spirit and live out their Christian faith at their work.  Men choosing to be led by the Holy Spirit daily are leading, prospering, glorifying God, and experiencing joy and purpose in their work, and you can too.

10. Cultivate & Keep

Cultivate & Keep is a website, podcast, and community for Christian men to become who God created them to be. Cultivate & Keep covers topics like what it means to be a man, personal finance, personal growth, marriage, family, professional growth, goals, entrepreneurship, ministry, book reviews, and more. 


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