Grieving with Joy and Hope for Eternity through Infant Loss

My wife and I were a typical young couple, excited about travel, experiences, and the natural progression to filling out our family. After conceiving our first child, we were quick to share the news and begin building our plans for the future. 

Dipping into the perks of modern medicine, we pitched in a little extra money for a blood screening to find out the gender of our child as early as nine weeks. Shockingly, while this test did reveal we were having a daughter, we also had the devastating discovery that she had Trisomy 18 and would have a very limited life. Leaning into God’s Word, we committed to carrying Isabelle to term while facing pressures for termination and navigating challenging grief together. 

Daily, we learned new meanings for love, life, and eternal joy with suffering. While we would not have long with our daughter, God helped us to see how he uses fallen world struggles for good.

After losing our daughter, we committed to helping others navigate the challenges of child loss and increasing the awareness of resources available to families who choose to carry to term. 

This ministry and legacy continues through our book, our investment with Hope Mommies, local pregnancy centers, and how we parent and love our children.

~Taylor and Elizabeth Bloomquist

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