From Addict to Entrepreneur: Lessons in Stewardship

Entrepreneur Rock Sandretto shares his inspiring redemption story, overcoming addiction and building a thriving life in Birmingham.

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About The Podcast

Rock Sandretto is an entrepreneur who, along with his beautiful wife and four children, manages a variety of successful business ventures in the Birmingham area. But if you told him about all that 15 years ago—when he was struggling to kick a drug addiction and his own parole officer told him he probably wasn’t going to be able to do it—he might not have believed you. The road to redemption was a long one that required discipline and the will to do difficult things, and in this week’s podcast Rock talks with The Redeemed’s Nate Dewberry about the many important lessons he learned along the way.

Show Notes

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0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

5:14—Rock’s background and struggle with addiction

16:16—How Rock recovered, turned his life around, and started a business

26:04—The legacy Rock’s trying to build with his family

31:19—The importance of having a mentor

38:01—Important financial principles for men to follow

45:30—The various disciplines in Rock’s life and how he manages them

50:59—Rock’s advice for men who feel “stuck” in their lives or careers

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