Loss, Redemption, and Legacy

Tim Maggart joins The Redeemed Man podcast to discuss loss, redemption, and legacy and the wrong turns we all may face.

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About The Podcast

Every redemption story has at least a few wrong turns and false starts. Musician and minister Tim Maggart will admit to a number of them in his life, including breaking up with the woman who would later become his wife. But appreciating what you have—and being willing to put it all in God’s hands when everything seems lost—has guided Tim to a fulfilling career in ministry, a marriage that’s stronger than it’s ever been, and a family that’s building an enduring legacy. Tim talks about all of it with Nate Dewberry in this week’s podcast, which includes poignant advice for men who feel their marriages slipping away.

Show Notes


0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

2:57—Tim’s story—childhood, adolescence, loss, and redemption

20:14—How Tim met (and eventually married) his wife

27:46—What does redemption mean to you?/Tim’s song about redemption

32:54—Creating a family legacy

37:29—Tim’s advice for keeping a healthy marriage and overcoming problems

46:42—Faith and patriotism/how his ministry is educating people about American history

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