Preaching the Gospel in a Chaotic Online World

Jamie Bambrick, associate pastor of Hope Church Craigavon, discusses online fame, faith, and social media with Nate Dewberry.

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About The Podcast

This week, The Redeemed Man welcomes its first international guest: Jamie Bambrick, associate pastor of Hope Church Craigavon and YouTube content creator. Earlier this year, Bambrick created a video responding to the “He Gets Us” Super Bowl ad that attracted more than half a million views; he talks with Nate Dewberry about dealing with the pressures (both positive and negative) of sudden online fame, and what he’s learned about interacting with the chaotic and often hostile world of social media. Jamie also talks about his personal faith journey and how faith helped him and his wife through their fertility struggles, as well as the people in Jamie’s life who keep him going and the hopeful signs he sees in faith communities around the world.

Show Notes


0:00—Intro/Growing an audience online

4:30—Jamie’s upbringing and faith journey

10:48—What does redemption mean to you?

13:54—How faith helped Jamie and his wife deal with fertility struggles

18:50—Hope Church and the faith community in Northern Ireland

30:29—The YouTube video that went viral

37:07—Having constructive conversations and dealing with extreme negativity online

44:21—The people in Jamie’s life who provide strength and guidance

49:41—What’s head for Jamie and his ministry efforts

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