Stay HOT—Honest, Open, and Transparent

Andy Brannum talks with Nate Dewberry about his struggles, challenges, and times when he challenged God outright.

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About The Podcast

Not only was quitting drinking only the beginning of Andy Brannum’s spiritual journey, it may have been the easiest part. When Andy (reluctantly) answered the call to ministry, he encountered a whole new set of challenges, from overwork to living with a wife and three kids in a 900-square-foot house. In this week’s podcast, Andy talks with Nate Dewberry about these struggles, times when he challenged God outright, and what it’s all led to—the formation of Thrive, a ministry that works with churches to help them create tailored, relevant men’s ministries of their own.

Show Notes

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0:00—Intro/”lightning round”

3:50—Andy’s story, part I—his drinking problem and why he decided to stop

16:11—Andy’s story, part II—the ups and downs of a life in ministry

26:17—The importance of relationships to one’s spiritual journey

34:01—What does redemption mean to you?

36:41—Andy talks about the Thrive ministry and his podcast

43:57—How do you want to be remembered?/outro

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