With God, Anything is Possible

Mark Immelman, CBS Sports Network golf broadcaster, discusses staying grounded & present through success.

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About The Podcast

Since coming to the United States from South Africa in the early 1990s, Mark Immelman has risen steadily through the ranks of the sports broadcasting world, becoming a fixture on CBS Sports Network’s golf coverage and hosting a popular podcast on PGATour.com. His success, though, hasn’t come without its share of challenges, temptations, and frustrations. That’s made him all the more grateful for his wife, Tracy, and the support she’s given him over the course of a faith journey of many years. In conversations with Nate Dewberry and Paul Amos, Mark relates what he’s learned about overcoming fear and self-doubt, staying grounded, and being “present” for his wife and family.

Show Notes


[PART 1] with host Nate Dewberry

0:00—Intro/Mark’s background and career

6:45—Mark’s faith journey and how Tracy was involved

13:14—challenges Mark has faced as his career has taken off

19:53—staying focused on one’s true identity

[PART 2] with host Paul Amos

23:20 —second-half intro: How does Mark start each day on the right foot?

33:30 —What Mark’s learned about overcoming fear and self-doubt

36:55 —facing the realities of “the second half of life”/the need to be present

44:09 —Mark’s relationship with Tracy and how it’s affected his faith

48:17 —maintaining balance, connecting with family, and staying grounded

53:02 —“lightning round”/outro

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