Talking with God on Aconcagua

Sean Knox discusses climbing Aconcagua & finding God at 22,838 feet, balancing passion with obsession, & overcoming self-doubt.

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About The Podcast

Sean Knox, the co-owner and president of Columbus-based Knox Pest Control, has long had a passion for mountain climbing—one that recently took him to the peak of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. For him, though, the climb was about more than just thrills and the once-in-a-lifetime view from 22,838 feet up; Sean found that the natural wonder of the mountain brought him closer to God and enriched his prayer life like never before. Sean talks with Nate Dewberry this week about the trip up the mountain as well as more down-to-earth topics, including keeping passions from turning into obsessions and countering the self-doubt that eats away at all of us.

Show Notes


0:00—Intro/Sean’s love of mountain climbing

4:49—Climbing Aconcagua

15:23—The importance of moderation in pursuit of goals or challenges

17:47—What Sean learned from his father about business and life

19:43—How mountaineering has influence Sean’s personal faith journey

24:39—Battling self-doubt and self-criticism—and avoiding putting pressure on others

29:57—Passing the right values on to your kids/A favorite Biblical figure

38:08—Why Sean decided to run for public office

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