Three Members of The Redeemed Tell Their Stories

Experience remarkable stories of transformation & faith as we hear from three men whose lives were deeply touched by The Redeemed.

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About The Podcast

This week we shift from our usual podcast format to three short segments with men for whom The Redeemed has made a real-life impact. You’ll meet Ron, who’s been involved with his church but was seeking a deeper connection with God; Vincent, who originally attended the Restored conference just to meet Tim Tebow but ended up finding something greater; and Noel, who’s taking what he’s gained from The Redeemed’s small groups and carrying it to others. We hope their conversations with Redeemed director Nate Dewberry will inspire you with a sense of purpose and gratitude for God’s many gifts as we head into the heart of the holiday season.

Show Notes



1:00—How The Redeemed’s small groups have made an impact on Noel

3:50—Noel’s experience at the Restored conference

6:32—How Noel is carrying the message of The Redeemed to others



10:55—How Vincent ended up at the Restored conference

12:50—Vincent’s experience at Restored and how it affected him

17:00—Vincent’s experiences in The Redeemed’s small groups

17:50—Vincent’s impact on the other members of The Redeemed


22:56: Intro

23:23—Ron’s background and how he found the small groups

28:10—Ron’s experiences in the huddles

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The Redeemed Man podcast features guests from a wide range of backgrounds and experience offering wisdom and insights into life’s challenges, Biblical teaching, as well as recovering and healing from the problems we encounter.

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