Dating with Pure Hearts and Reasonable Expectations

Explore dating with pure hearts and reasonable expectations as Matthew Sanchez and Kory Osigian share their experiences and tips.

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About The Podcast

The Redeemed Man podcast wraps up its relationship-themed February by talking to a pair of single guys, Matthew Sanchez and Kory Osigian, about what they’ve learned from navigating the dating world. Matthew and Kory talk with Nate Dewberry about a wide range of topics, from the ups and downs of dating apps to having reasonable expectations to relying on God to help you deal with the inevitable rejections. They also offer insightful tips on how to keep yourself accountable and making sure you’re in a relationship for the right reasons.

Show Notes



1:14—Matthew and Kory talk about their dating histories

14:07—Trusting in God to help you deal with rejection

18:19—How dating apps have changed things, for better and for worse

24:21—Staying true to your values amidst the temptations of dating

34:34—Don’t allow dating to become the be-all, end-all of your life

39:36—Cultivating good relationships among guys

44:14—The relationships Matthew and Kory look up to/What does redemption mean to you?

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