The Word of Our Testimony

Do you have a story of redemption? Telling your personal story is critical to helping others.
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There is power in sharing your testimony.
Your changed life can change lives.

Story of Redemption?

Do you have a story of redemption? Telling your personal story is critical to helping others see the light in dark times and see the path forward into new life—a redeemed life.

At The Redeemed we want to encourage others to step out and really talk about their story. A testimony can be truly powerful. It can free us from the prison of our guilt and our caged thoughts. A testimony can also inspire others in ways we could never imagine.

Revelation 12:11 says, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” The Bible is telling us that the word of our testimony helps to overcome the evil lurking in our world, in our hearts, in our minds.

In our podcast with Kyle Jackson, Kyle said, “I think our testimony is one thing that we’ve lost a little bit in our day-to-day. I think because of social media and the Internet, we are scared to talk about it because somebody can blast it, somebody could turn it, somebody could take words, say something that you didn’t say, and I get that. But… I think if you’re going to use it to help people, I think God’s going to bless it. I think He’s going to protect it. I think you have to tell your story, and I think it’s safer than it feels.”

Share Your Testimony

Sharing your testimony not only helps others, it also helps you. If you have a story but are hiding it in your soul, in your mind, in your heart, the longer it stays there the more it grows and the worse it seems. We hear whispers that we shouldn’t share the bad things we have done in our lives—that if we do, people will start to talk, people will think less of us, our image will be ruined. We build up what we have done until it seems too large to overcome. But these whispers are lies.

At The Redeemed we aim to create a safe space for men to open up and honestly share their stories, without fear of judgement. If you feel led to share your story in a safe, judgment-free environment, let us know. Your story can lead others to free themselves as well.


Servant leadership is a philosophy where a leader’s chief purpose is to serve his or her followers. Servant leadership demonstrates a set of behaviors and practices that place a primary emphasis on the well-being of those being served.  

It is often argued that servant leadership is not so much a ‘leadership style’ as it is an overall attitude; an attitude to serve those who are under your care. A servant leader serves others by investing in their development and well-being and enabling them to do their best.

Trey Etheridge of MPACT Ministries bravely shares his testimony in his podcast Grace of Man. Take a listen to the episode titled “Deep Inside of Me.” Trey goes “Deep Inside” to reveal the struggles he went through that brought him where he is today. It’s a genuinely moving revelation that all of us can relate to. It’s a story of struggling with his identity as a Christian and how he almost decided to take his life. But by the grace of God, a brother in Christ called him and immediately said, “I know what you’re going through…”

Power In Your Testimony

There is power in sharing your testimony. Your changed life can change lives.

If you feel led, share your story with us here. We are ready to listen. 


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